NOAA @ Nauticus

NOAA@Nauticus is an exciting partnership between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Nauticus, Virginia's seaport museum on the waterfront in downtown Norfolk. Together, NOAA and Nauticus work to develop a variety of exhibits and educational programs. The goal of the NOAA@Nauticus partnership is to promote scientific and environmental literacy and to inform the public about NOAA’s programs and activities. 


Nauticus on the waterfront in downtown Norfolk.


Here are some of the NOAA sponsored exhibits at Nauticus.

  • Science On a Sphere® creates the illusion of a dynamic, rotating Earth suspended in mid-air.
  • The Living Shoreline interprets the life found in and around a typical creek of the lower Chesapeake Bay.
  • Secrets of the Deep features a working replica of the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution research submersible Clelia visiting NOAA's Monitor National Marine Sanctuary.
  • NOAA's Legacy combines 19th century nautical charts and interactive exhibits to illustrate NOAA's important role in supporting safe maritime commerce.
  • Navigation Alley uses archival and contemporary photographs, a hands-on large-scale puzzle, and flip-up panels to interpret NOAA's heritage and current activities.
  • The Smart Buoy Gateway Kiosk allows visitors to access real time data from the new NOAA "smart buoy" in the Elizabeth River adjacent to Nauticus
  • Lynnhaven River Oyster exhibit traces the history of this tasty bivalve and describes current restoration efforts.
  • Ocean Today Kiosk is a multi-media experience that highlights the most up-to-date issues affecting our Blue Planet.
  • Tsunami Ready explores these destructive waves and educates visitors on how to survive a tsunami.

NOAA and Nauticus work together to support a variety of environmental education programs for all ages. These programs include:

  • The Blue Planet Forum is an environmental lecture series presented by NOAA, Nauticus, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and Old Dominion University.
  • NOAA Day at Nauticus opportunities are offered by NOAA @ Nauticus for educators and non-profits. Please review the Web site regularly for future workshops.